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One simple, and yet not usually utilized easy way, is asking for reviews right after providing good service to your customers.

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Have these factors on your business cards for maximum results. Hey there,For a long time, I have been working with several clients to design their business cards and I have seen many designs and because of that, I have learned a thing or two about business cards that I think are worth sharing!So here are the top 3 essential factors that every business card should have! 1- Hook them up with your message or offer AKA your tagline. Your tagline should always be directed towards your ideal customers. Often times it would be something that satisfies their needs, solve a...

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The marketing mix: 4 p's of marketing:

1- Product: USP, What's in it for the customer?

2- Price: How much does your customer value your product?

3- Placement: Place your products where your customers go

4- Promotion: Focus on the benefits

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  • If there is no or little traffic in front of your store then go network with business owners nearby and get them to your business doorstep.
  • Make sure your store front is customer friendly. Work on your hook-offer signs.
  • Join the chamber of commerce for more recognition and networking opportunities.

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