How to get more online reviews for your business?

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How to get more online reviews for your business?

One simple, and yet not usually utilized easy way, is asking for reviews right after providing good service to your customers.

If you provide an online service or sell your products online, then make sure to send out an automated email that prompt your customers to leave their feedback. 

If you have Google my business profile, an amazing FREE tool provided by Google, you can find a link that you can share with your customers to ask for reviews.

If you provide on-site services, having a Flyer with a QR code linked to the review link is amazing because it encourages customers to take this action.
Here is an example of the review flyer that you can use:

Review request flyer
To create the QR code, you simply need to put the URL link in one of the many QR code generator tools available online. 
Here is the one used for the above flyer.

After creating the design, you can submit your flyer to be printed from here

Those flyers start at $50 only and the more quantity you order the cheaper they are per flyer. They can be added to the sold product or handed to the customer after providing the service. 

If you need help, designing the flyer or have any questions don't hesitate to contact us:

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