What to put on a business card?

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What to put on a business card?

Have these factors on your business cards for maximum results.

Hey there,

For a long time, I have been working with several clients to design their business cards and I have seen many designs and because of that, I have learned a thing or two about business cards that I think are worth sharing!

So here are the top 3 essential factors that every business card should have!

What to put on a business card

1- Hook them up with your message or offer AKA your tagline.

Your tagline should always be directed towards your ideal customers. Often times it would be something that satisfies their needs, solve a problem they have or what most of them want!

For example, most of our clients always seem to want their businesses to be unique and to STAND out from the crowd somehow and that is what we do for our clients so that is our message on the business card.

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2- Urge them to take action & reach out to you so, provide your contact information.

This one is obviously important because the main purpose of the business card is to give your contact information to others. Make sure that your information is readable (simple advice but often ignored!) Give your clients a reason to take action whether to call you, email you, or go to your website!
That reason should be in your tagline (see number 1 🤷‍♂️)! 

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3- Put your logo or brand identifiers.

Your logo should be easy to remember and communicate what kind of services or products you offer.
That's it!
Simple right?

That's all that you need on a business card.
Believe me!

You don't need to put everything on there!
It's not a catalog!

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