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10x10ft Custom Trade Show Booth 25

10x10ft Custom Trade Show Booth 25

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Are you eager to craft an exhibit booth that steals the spotlight at your upcoming event? Capture attention and elevate brand recognition with this custom 10x10ft booth design. Our aluminum-framed booths, meticulously crafted for easy transport and assembly, provide an efficient and impactful advertising solution for any event.

Showcasing a harmonious blend of a flat tension fabric backwall display, a flat tension fabric header, a dynamic tension fabric television banner stand, a podium (complete with a carrying case), and a dynamic duo of LED light fixtures, this distinctive booth is designed to captivate any audience.

Turnaround time: 8-10 Business Days

Application Scenarios: Ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising, shows, exhibitions, events, fairs, promotions, parties, photo booths, press conferences, seminars, concerts, and more.

Standard Kit Includes:

  • 1pc 10ft Flat & Durable Tension Fabric Backwall Display
  • 1pc Custom 58in (Width) x 12in (Height) Flat Tension Fabric Header
  • 1pc Snakelike Monitor Tension Fabric Banner Stand
  • 2pcs Trade Show Display LED Lights & Clips
  • 1pc Hard Case to Podium with Custom Printed Graphic

Ensure your brand stands out and engages your audience effectively with this impactful booth design. Make a lasting impression at every event, showcasing your brand's unique personality!

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